Kommersant: Georgia no longer has the same dream

March 9 – BLiTZ. In Georgia, on March 8, mass protests of local residents began against the new, and already signed, law on foreign agents. The Parliament of the Republic immediately approved the innovation and provoked a revolution of citizens. The publication “Kommersant” reported on the details of the mass and largest protest in Georgia.

This is the second wave of protests in the Republic, which has become the largest. The party that now occupies a leading position in the government of Georgia (GM) said that hostile people want to start a war of the Republic against Russia. The party does not want to give up its opinion.

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The opposition party, which is against the law on foreign agents, the party (UNM), led by Khabeishvili, addressed the assembled people. Khabeishvili said that rallies and protests would be permanent if the parliament did not come to its senses.

According to Kommersant, the protest action on March 8 began with women who held a sticker in their hands with the inscription that they were against complete and total control. Then the rest of the protesters gathered in the afternoon. They surrounded the entire perimeter of the Georgian parliament building.

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

In order to disperse the protesters, law enforcement agencies decided to use tear gas and a water jet against the local population of Georgia. At the rallies, people began to throw stones and sticks at the Interior Ministry employees.

Earlier, SM News wrote that the rally was formed unexpectedly. People began to gather on the streets en masse after the statement of a member of parliament about the new law on foreign agents.

RIA Novosti: In Georgia, the parties to the conflict turned to extreme violence March 9, 2023 at 03:16

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