Land documents are online in Bihar, but land dispute is not reducing


Krishna Kumar, Patna. Due to the efforts of the Bihar government, digitization of land documents and other serious efforts, the land dispute is not reducing. The main reason for this is the very slow pace of work in the zonal and district level offices of the Revenue and Land Reforms Department and the abundance of mistakes in the documents. This is also due to lack of official procedure for land registry, transfer of jamabandi in the name of the heir after the death of the ryot, or for rejecting the filing without examining the documents of the land. Apart from this, there is also controversy over transfer of joint family without valid documents, non-identification of the owner of the land coming out of the rivers including Basdih, and the sale and cancellation of the legal dispute land. The police department believes that about 59 percent of the total cases of crime and murder in the state are related to land disputes.

Registry should be done after all documents are checked

Legal experts say that the effective way to resolve the land dispute is that the land should be registered only after checking all the papers. The government will get the revenue it wants to get from this, the sellers and buyers of land will remain dispute free. There will be no problem in the rejection of filing and interference with the correct registry. In such a situation, if the land registry system is fixed, more than half of the problems will be solved.

Other states have special arrangements

Land passbooks have been made for common people in Hyderabad. At the time of land registry, it is mandatory to show this passbook to confirm the land. In Uttar Pradesh, within a few days after the death of the ryot, the local Amin visits the ryot’s house to collect information about his heirs. Then the Jamabandi is transferred.

Controversy of joint families deepens

Many types of disputes keep coming up regarding the joint family land. In this, the case of cancellation of registration and filing is included without dividing the land. Also, after selling the entire share of one partner in such land and after the buyer’s name has been rejected, only the names of the other partners should be there in the Jamabandi of the remaining land, but it is not so. In the Jamabandi of the remaining land also, the name of the seller sharer is visible. It is natural to have controversy.

Registry and filing rejected without division of land illegal: Advocate General

State’s Advocate General PK Shahi says that the registry and filing are illegal without the division of the land of the joint family. It is only after the partition that the boundaries of the land of each sharer of the joint family are determined. Only after this the land registry and filing should be rejected.

Settlement of pending filing dismissal in three months: Minister

Revenue and Land Reforms Department Minister Alok Kumar Mehta said that during his tenure, about 26 zonal officers accused of corruption have been suspended in the state. All the officers have been instructed to clear all the pending cases of filing rejections in the next three months. In the coming time, all the land papers from map to jamabandi will be able to be seen online only. For this, the responsibility of developing integrated software has been given to IIT Roorkee.

Every fifth murder in property or land dispute

According to the Home Department, 58.74 percent of the cases of crime and murder in Bihar have been related to the land dispute. According to NCIB data, out of 1,081 murders in the state in 2021 due to various disputes, 635 murders took place in property or land dispute. Every fifth murder in Bihar that year was due to a property or land dispute. The Home Department has prepared the Bhu Samadhan portal in collaboration with NIC. According to the Home Department, till May 23, 21577 cases are registered on the Bhu-Samadhan portal, out of which 9831 cases have been settled.

New arrangement for sale and purchase of land in Bihar will start by the end of June, forgery will be curbed

case of cancellation of admission

Total cases: One crore seven lakh 54 thousand 48

Pending cases: seven lakh 66 thousand 468

Solution: 58 lakh 95 thousand 916

Dismissed cases: 40 lakh 91 thousand 664

(Data as of June 10, 2023)

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