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Land jihad may change demography of India


Land jihad may change demography of India

Mahaveer Sharma

Land Jihad (Zameen Jihad) is a tool that is being used by Muslims to change the demography of India. The recent illegally constructed Sufi Islamic shrine (dargah) in the city of Hyderabad is a stark reminder that these kinds of activities are not new in India. But gratitude is owed to the strong and bold local politician, Raja Singh, who informed local authorities, and the illegal shrine was demolished.

A few months ago, a nasty land scam was busted in which greedy politicians under the cover of the Roshni Act (a land law in Jammu & Kashmir state) had legalized the use of various lands but deliberately allotted them only to one community. Reports stated that about 90 percent of these lands were allotted for the benefit of Muslims only, who took advantage of the Roshni act and got the land at a rate much lower than market value.

The pertinent question is: why was the land allotted only to Muslims, and why was this done in a Hindu-dominated area? The answer to this is: In the name of Land Jihad, many politicians want to settle Muslims in all those areas where they have little or negligible influence. But it will likely come as no surprise to you that a jihad terrorist attack was mounted in 2018 at an Army camp in the Sunjwan area; immense tracts of land in this area were given to Muslims under the Roshni Act. The land grants are nothing but a preparation of the ground for jihad attacks. Also the jihadis and Islamic supremacists want to change the demography of Hindu-majority areas. Currently this land scam case is under judicial consideration in the Jammu & Kashmir High Court.

Earlier, we reported about how TikTok has been used to glorify violence against women and the killing of animals, as well as to spread propaganda against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, especially during rallies against India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The Hyderabad case of the illegally constructed Sufi Islamic shrine has been resolved, but what about the thousands of other cases in different cities of India? We need strong laws to tackle the Land Jihad, and not only in India, but in other countries also.

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