Lawyer Khaminsky warned of threats due to lower age of street crime

February 28, 2023, 16:18 – BLiTZ – News

At the end of February, following the results of raids to suppress the illegal actions of youth groups, several criminal cases were initiated. According to the head of the Center for Law and Order in Moscow and the Moscow Region, Alexander Khaminsky, lowering the age of street crime can lead to undesirable consequences. About it informs FAN.

The lawyer emphasized that children’s and youth movements are growing much faster than law enforcement officers can give them an appropriate assessment.

Khaminsky explained that if earlier the district police officer knew every difficult teenager by sight, now members of the same group can be located in different parts of the city. To work with them, it is necessary to involve authorized representatives of several regional departments at once.

“The only tool in this case is the interaction between the family and the school, guardianship authorities and law enforcement,” the lawyer quotes the publication.

He added that in modern conditions, significant support from the electronic media will also be required.

Earlier it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the need to combat enemy attempts to disorient Russians, especially young people.

Putin recalled the statement of some politicians of the past about “how boring it is to live in the world when no one is fighting Russia.”

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