Le Pen: French PM Borne must step down after pension reform announcement

March 16 – BLiTZ. The head of the French political opposition party National Rally, Le Pen, said that the government of the state and its prime minister, Elisabeth Born, needed to pass a vote of no confidence. The reason for this was the decision of the politician regarding the implementation of pension reform in the country.

Le Pen stressed that Born’s act is “a slap in the face of democracy.” It should be noted that the law on raising the retirement age was introduced without consideration by the Parliament.

French deputies demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Born after the adoption of the pension reform March 16, 2023 at 17:29

“I have always said that if the pension reform is adopted, then we will not only pass a vote of no confidence, but we will support <…> She can no longer stay in Matignon,” she said.

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