Lenta.ru: a 24-year-old British woman has reached the fourth stage of cancer due to a mistake by doctors

March 10 – BLiTZ. A young woman from the UK, Hannah Bird, suffered from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which went into an advanced stage due to doctors’ mistakes. About this, citing sources, reports Lenta.ru.

Hannah suffered from various symptoms for several months, such as weight loss, night sweats, constant coughing and rashes, but doctors could not find the cause. After Hannah contracted pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital, she was diagnosed with a blood cancer that affects the immune system. The cancer has reached the fourth stage and has covered most of the lung, and also began to spread to other organs.

However, Hannah was offered an experimental treatment, which she accepted, and after the course of treatment, the tumor decreased by 80 percent and completely disappeared by the end of the course. Hanna encourages everyone to seek advice from several doctors to hear different opinions and get the diagnosis as early as possible.

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