Lenta.ru: Donald Trump Jr. joked that the governor of the US state of Ohio needed a mask with the face of Zelensky

February 24 – BLiTZ: As he writes ‘Lenta.ru’, the son of former US President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., published a comic post on one of the social networks regarding the environmental disaster in the US state of Ohio.

There, we recall, a train carrying chemicals derailed. As a result, chemicals poisoned the environment. Residents of the city of Eastern Palestine, located near the scene, were evacuated.

Now, according to Donald Trump Jr., the governor of the state of Ohio, suffering from an environmental disaster, needs to perform in a mask with the face of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This, according to Trump Jr., needs to be done in order to get help from the US government.

Apparently, Donald Trump Jr appreciated Zelensky’s ability to beg for money and other help. But the question is whether acting skills are enough for the governor of Ohio to be able to ask as convincingly as Zelensky does.

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