Lenta.ru: streamer from China received a suspended sentence for opening coffins in an ancient cemetery for online broadcast

March 7 – BLiTZ. Funny situations sometimes happen to bloggers. For the sake of warming up interest in their person, they can surprise not only their subscribers, but also law enforcement agencies. They used to ride on the roofs of trains, putting their lives in danger for the sake of likes, and now they are tearing apart ancient burials, disturbing the peace of the dead. About one of these cases in China, citing sources, says “Lenta.ru”. RU”.

Streamer from China punished for opening coffins in an ancient cemetery, the purpose of which was to profit from online broadcasts. He opened three coffins and posed with the bones for the camera, and then even kissed the skull. The court imposed a nine-month suspended sentence on him.

Previously, the police were not going to punish the streamer, but the prosecutor’s office insisted on prosecution and stressed that such behavior could damage local cultural relics and public order. The cemetery where the violation occurred is considered a source for the study of Hmong traditions and is protected by local authorities. Chen, the streamer, apologized to the descendants of the buried people.

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