“Let’s all go to …” – Volochkova obscenely answered the call to be examined by a psychiatrist

February 15, 2023, 15:16 – BLiTZ – News Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was offered to undergo treatment in a psychiatric hospital. This is how subscribers reacted to another nude shot posted by her on her personal blog. The public news service asked the ballerina to respond to her critics.

“We have people naked photographed with such fat asses and figures, but this is not considered shameful”

“The photo is not nude at all: it shows me in panties and flowers. It’s all laid bare for you. You see, in our country people are photographed naked with such fat asses and figures, but this is not considered shameful. And Volochkova in a mini-swimsuit on the beach in the Maldives is a striptease, ”said the theater diva.

At first, Volochkova suggested that, as always, they wrote in the comments that she no longer had the same figure, she herself and her appearance were no longer the same, that she was generally a fool, and so on. But when the artist heard that she was being sent to a psychiatrist, she turned on in earnest.

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“With a response comment, I can suggest that they do the same, because if these are idiots and crazy people, then they need to go there. And I do not need advice, because I am preparing for the performance. You just caught me in the ballet hall, ”said Volochkova.

According to the ballerina, now she is really undergoing treatment, however, in the center of sports medicine, because she needs to restore the damaged joint. However, this does not prevent her from continuing to work.

“Therefore, I do not need advice on which clinic I should go to. And I can also tell these real idiots in response that tryndet is not to work physically, not to go on stage and not to please people. These are completely different hypostases. Therefore, they all went to … And I will continue to delight everyone with my photographs, ”concluded Volochkova.

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