Liquor drinkers are not well in Bihar, Aadhaar record of more than 50 thousand alcoholics ready


Those who drink alcohol are not well in Bihar. The Aadhaar records of about 50,000 accused arrested for consuming liquor during the last five and a half months in the state have been prepared by the Prohibition, Excise and Registration Department. Most of these accused were let off with a fine ranging from two to five thousand rupees, but their biometric data has been verified through Aadhaar authentication. From this prepared database, help is being taken in identifying the alcoholics who are caught drunk for the second time. Along with this, this database is also being used for verification of alcoholics.

400 accused caught through Aadhaar authentication

With the help of this database prepared by the Department of Alcohol Prohibition, Excise and Registration, the next time those caught drinking alcohol or in its business can be sent to jail by taking judicial action against such accused. At the same time, the department has also arrested about 400 such accused through Aadhaar authentication, who are accused of drinking alcohol for the second or more time.

Aadhaar verification of 17 to 18 thousand alcoholics every month

According to the information received from the department, from February 2023, the process of Aadhaar verification of alcoholics through biometric has been started. The pace of verification was slow in the initial two-three months, but after that it has picked up pace. While the Aadhaar verification of 711, 1467 and 6421 alcoholics was done in February, March and April 2023 respectively, in the month of May and June, the Aadhaar of about 17 to 18 thousand accused was verified every month. In the first fortnight of July, the Aadhaar of about 10,000 alcoholics has been verified.

how the database works

The work of Aadhaar verification of liquor drinkers was first started from the capital Patna. At the same time, now the Aadhaar Authentication Center of the Prohibition Department has been opened for Aadhaar verification in all the districts of the state, through which the work of Aadhaar verification has started in the entire state. Under this process, Aadhaar verification is first done through biometric of people caught under the influence of alcohol, so that all their information can be known correctly through Aadhaar. After this, the department keeps this data in a safe place with itself. On the other hand, when a person is caught drunk for the second time, then during Aadhaar verification, it is matched with the information already secured in the database.

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Provision to be released after being caught for the first time with a fine

Under the Amended Alcohol Prohibition Act of the Department of Alcohol Prohibition Products and Registration, a provision has been made from April 2022 that if caught for the first time on the charge of drinking alcohol, he can be released with a fine of two to five thousand rupees. But if caught on this charge for the second time, then the accused will be entitled to a minimum sentence of one year. Earlier, the accused who were caught on the charge of drinking alcohol at one place were saved from being repeat offenders if caught at another place. But, after the system of Aadhaar authentication is implemented, now the accused, who has been caught on the charge of drinking alcohol, can be easily identified with the help of biometric details if caught for the second time. In such a situation, the department will be helped in getting habitual alcoholics punished.

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