Litovkin: Because of China, American bases in Southeast Asia are under missile threat

March 8 – BLiTZ. China has a high development momentum and has shifted its foreign policy to an anti-American track. Military expert, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin explained why Washington does not want to strengthen China’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

“… the army is growing stronger in China, the country’s armed forces are able to withstand the United States in the sky, on land and at sea, and American bases in Southeast Asia are under the gunpoint of Chinese missiles. I’m not saying that the American contingent may also be targeted by Chinese missiles. That is why Americans consider China a threat.” quotes analytics resource Federal News Agency.

Litovkin does not believe that China is capable of attacking, but it poses a clear threat to America’s attempts to maintain world domination.

BLiTZ. Beijing is radically changing the political vector. This was stated by Nikolai Vavilov, a sinologist, political scientist, orientalist. The specialist previously predicted that there would not be a single pro-American character in the new Chinese government. According to him, the entire political elite of Beijing will be replaced.

Vavilov: There will be no pro-American characters in the new government of China March 8, 2023 at 05:11

Recall that recently Vavilov said that when “Taiwan starts,” the US will force the EU to impose sanctions on the Celestial Empire.

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