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London-based terror-funder calls for assassinating Bangladesh PM

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London-based terror-funder calls for assassinating Bangladesh PM

Sitting in London, Interpol-wanted convicted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan through a post on social media has called upon for attacking Gono Bhaban, the official residence of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and to assassinate her. In his post, this terror-funder has called for sacrificing blood through suicide attacks.

Earlier, Shahid Uddin Khan expressed solidarity with the self-proclaimed killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and termed August 15th, the day Father of the Nation of Bangladesh was brutally assassinated along with other members of his family, as “a day of celebration”.


Under UK law, what Shahid Uddin Khan has been doing by sitting in Britain, he should face serious criminal charges and deported to Bangladesh. Similarly, Facebook authorities should not only remove such posts containing terrorist threats, it should also permanently ban Shahid Uddin Khan from the social media platform.

Fake PhD degree claim by Shahid Uddin Khan

In May 2022, Md. Shahid Uddin Khan through a post on his Facebook ID published photograph of an image of a certificate of ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (Certificate number 00058408), which he claimed to have been issued by the University of Portsmouth, UK. He also mentioned the named of Ms. Tamsin Bradley, a professor of the aforesaid university as the “supervisor” of his thesis titled ‘Military intervention and its impacts on the democratic process of Bangladesh’.


Reporters of our newspaper did not find any existence of Md. Shahid Uddin Khan’s claimed thesis on the University of Portsmouth’s alumni network. Here is the link:

When a correspondent of BLiTZ contacted the university, they expressed utter surprise as they even have never heard the name of Shahid Uddin Khan.


In the following link, all the theses are mentioned and published. In 2022 they’ve published 17 papers:

We found no thesis on the military during 2022. Although we found 3 theses in 2021, there is nothing written by anyone named Shahid Uddin Khan or Md. Shahid Uddin Khan.

We have also checked the list of 2021 theses, where we did not find anything from Shahid Uddin Khan or Md. Shahid Uddin Khan. Here is the link:


As the matter seemed to be extremely dubious, we called the telephone number of Professor Tamsin Bradley and also sent her email. Neither the calls were answered, nor the email.

Meanwhile, on condition of anonymity, an official at the University of Portsmouth said, there had been similar allegations of fraudulent claim by a number of individuals stating they have graduated from the university. As those matters were investigated it was revealed that most of the certificates were collected by the false graduates of the University of Portsmouth from online companies selling fake certificates.


Shahid Uddin Khan is an Interpol-wanted convicted terror-funder, who had sent fund to jihadists in Sri Lanka days before 2019 Easter Sunday jihadist attacks in Sri Lanka that had killed 267 people including 45 foreign nationals. Khan has been on run from Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies since 2018.

According to documents available with this newspaper, Shahid Uddin Khan hails from a radical Muslim family while his wife Farzana Anjum too hails from a similar family background. This couple’s daughters though are living and being educated in Britain are notoriously radicalized and are working as lone wolves. They have been targeting various individuals through honeytrap and trying to convert them into Islam.

In January 2019, Shahid Uddin Khan used illegal channel in transferring an amount equivalent to ninety-two thousand dollars to jihadist attackers in Sri Lanka. This amount went from Dubai to Colombo. It may be mentioned here that, in 2018 this newspaper published several reports exposing a secret conspiracy by a conglomerate of several jihadist outfits of staging terrorist attacks in a number of South Asian nations.

Contents published under this byline are those created by the news team of BLiTZ

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