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Mamunul Haque gives stunning information to interrogators

Hefazat-e-Islam, Mamunul Haque, Tablighi Jamaat, Bangladesh


Mamunul Haque gives stunning information to interrogators

Scandalous leader of pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam, Mamunul has started providing stunning information to the interrogators. He said, as part of Hefazat’s decision of spreading anti-India sentiment in Bangladesh with the ulterior motive of destabilizing the government, Mamunul Haque and his party comrades were giving extremist statements in various meetings and releasing those via social media and video sharing sites.

He said, back in 2017, Hefazat-e-Islam decided to establish its command over Tablighi Jamaat and use it as Hefazat’s vessel of spreading religious extremism and pro-Caliphate ideology. Hefazat was also trying to spread jihadist sentiment within the Muslims in India with the help of Tablighi Jamaat.

According to sources, Mamunul Haque has not yet provided information about Hefazat-e-Islam’s connections with Pakistani spy agency ISI and Qatari regime.

Mamunul said, he and his organization are using the minor students of various madrassas towards anti-government activities. He further said, Hefazat-e-Islam’s main agenda is unseating the ruling government in Bangladesh.

“He tried to seize state power, taking innocent Madrasah students to the streets with his provocative speech,” Harun-Ur-Rashid, deputy commissioner (DC) of Tejgaon Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), made the remarks this afternoon during a briefing on Mamunul’s interrogation at his office in the capital.

According to information, Mamunul Haque has also started giving details about his illicit sexual relations with several females, including Jharna and Lipi and his childhood habit of having sexual relations with younger boys. Prior to emerging as an Islamist leader, Mamunul was known in the madrassa circle as a playboy, while many of the madrassa teachers and students were aware of his nefarious habit of sodomizing.

Meanwhile Barrister Mahbubur Rahman (bpm, ppm), Additional Inspector General of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Bangladesh Police told reporters, they already have found Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque’s involvement behind the countrywide terrorist activities centering the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This elite investigation agency of Bangladesh Police will seek remand for interrogating Mamunul Haque.

Barrister Mahbubur Rahman further said, CID is equipped with sophisticated equipment and technology to identify various types of crimes.

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