Manhattan jury set to convict Donald Trump


With a jury pool that will undoubtedly consist of leftist New Yorkers who despise him, Donald Trump will most likely be convicted in a Manhattan trial, Harvard Law School professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz said.

But the former president’s conviction will be overturned on appeal, Dershowitz told Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.

“I don’t think a New York City judge would dismiss this case because the New York City judge’s life would be over…everyone would point to him and say ‘oh my God! There’s the man who helped Trump get free!’” Dershowitz said.

“So I don’t think it’s going to be easy. He will probably be convicted by a New York Manhattan jury who voted for Bragg and voted for ‘get Trump.’ It will be reversed on appeal,” Dershowitz said.

A plurality of respondents in a new poll said they don’t believe Trump could get a fair trial in Manhattan.

The YouGov/Economist poll, published on Thursday found that 40 percent think Trump can’t “get a fair trial in New York,” while 39 percent think he can. The gap slightly widens among registered voters, with 42 percent responding “No,” he cannot “get a fair trial” and 40 percent saying “Yes,” he can.

While a majority of Democrats, 65 percent, think justice would be fairly administered to Trump, a plurality of independents join most Republicans, 69 percent, in their belief that a fair trial is not possible. Of independents, 38 percent think Trump would be subjected to an unfair trial, while 33 percent think it would be fair.

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley said the case against Trump could collapse before it even gets to trial.

“There’s no there, there,” Turley told Fox News host Bret Baier. “You would think if you are going to indict a president, you would rise to that moment of history and tell people with precision what it is that you want to convict him of.”

Here is details on the indictment of Donald Trump.

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