Many memorial places of Lord Birsa Munda are located in Jharkhand, know what is the specialty of all these


PM Modi had unveiled his statue in Delhi’s Parliament House in the memory of Lord Birsa Munda 2 years from today. The main reason for this was to remind people of the sacrifice of Lord Birsa. Today, this type of memorial is present in Jharkhand as well as in many areas of the country. In such a situation, today on the occasion of the death anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda, we will discuss all such memorial places built in the state, which are very famous for many reasons.

Birsa Munda Memorial Park Ranchi

Spread over 30 acres of the capital Ranchi, the Birsa Munda Memorial Garden has been prepared as a heritage of Jharkhand. It was inaugurated on 15 November 2021 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Hemant Soren. In order to better entertain the people coming from outside in this park, a laser show is also organized here every evening. Along with this, the biography of the martyrs is also shown. Apart from this, the temples of Jharkhand are also shown here in the musical fountain.

Birsa Munda Museum

The museum of Bhagwan Birsa Munda contains all the symbols in itself. The traces of the mother earth are present in every particle of this place. Whose stories of inspiration and struggle continue to make us realize to move forward and fulfill our duty even today. If you visit the premises of this museum, then you will get a chance to come face to face with the biography of the great men of the state.

The most special thing about this museum spread over five acres is that people will be able to visit the cell where Lord Birsa Munda died. In this jail, the life of Lord Birsa is depicted in three parts. In the first part Birsa’s childhood has been shown. In the second part, the transformation from the normal personality to the form of the Earth is shown. In the third part, the tribal community has been shown the struggle to save water-forest-land and the struggle with the British.

Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Football Stadium

Birsa Munda Football Stadium built in Morhabadi, Ranchi was constructed in the year 2009. It has a seating capacity of about 40 thousand people. Every morning go for a run in the synthetic track of the stadium.

Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium

Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium built in Ranchi’s Khelgaon is very famous not only in the country but also abroad. Because many national and international level competitions have been organized here. In the year 2011, the 34th National Games were organized here. All the equipment present in the stadium is state-of-the-art. Both indoor and outdoor sports are organized in this stadium.

Birsa Munda Biological Park

Birsa Munda Biological Park is located in Ormanjhi, Ranchi. This garden situated on the road of Hazaribagh is the center of attraction for the tourists. It was established in 1994. The beauty of this garden can also be gauged from the fact that every year school children are brought here for an educational tour. Here you will find many extinct and rare species of animals. Talking about its area, it is spread over 104 hectares.

Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi

Birsa Munda of Ranchi airportLocated in Hinoo, Ranchi. It is the 20th busiest airport in India. Started on March 24, 2013, this airport is continuously developing today. As a result of this, it has recently got the second position in terms of customer satisfaction.

Birsa Munda Samadhi Sthal

The Samadhi Sthal of Birsa Munda is situated near the Distillery bridge of Kokar. Every year on Martyrdom Day, the tomb of Lord Birsa is decorated with flowers and garlands. Where on this day many big leaders of Jharkhand come here to garland.

Birsa Munda Agricultural University

Birsa Munda Agricultural University of Ranchi was established in 1955. Which is located in Kanke of the capital. Its purpose was to promote state-of-the-art farming in the state and for the purpose of research in the field of agriculture, this university was established.

Birsa Munda Agro Park Gumla

About 100 km from Ranchi, there is Birsa Munda Agro Park in Gumla. Where the beauty fascinates the people. There are facilities for entertainment especially for children. The park tree house here is a different matter. The special thing is that in the darkness of the night, colorful lights attract people towards it.

Birsa Munda College Stadium

The stadium located at Khunti Birsa Munda College, located at a distance of about 60 km from Ranchi, is also famous. The purpose behind the construction of this stadium was to advance the youth of the district in the game of hockey. In the year 2022, it received FIH field certificate. Please tell that this certificate is given after testing all the quality of the ground. Along with this, the parameters of organizing international level matches are also monitored.

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