March 1, 2023 – Yarilin Day: Do’s and Don’ts

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On March 1, 2023, on the first day of spring according to the folk calendar, Yarilin Day is celebrated. Yarilo is the sun god of the ancient Slavs. On this day, until 1492, the New Year was celebrated in Rus’. According to the old style, the date falls on February 16. The BLiTZ learned about what could and could not be done on March 1, 2023 on Yarilin Day.

The people called the beginning of March Yarilin days. Until the end of the 15th century, our ancestors considered Yarilo the main god on whom all living things that happen in nature depend. In addition, he was also considered the god of fertility.

Many prohibitions and regulations are associated with the first day of spring, which in ancient times they tried to comply with.

What can you do on Yarilin Day

Since Yarilo was considered the god of fertility, the day concerned pregnant women. Relatives sent them outside to bask in the sun and recharge their batteries. In Rus’, they believed that this added strength to women during childbirth. Yarilin’s day – the New Year – was festive, so it was supposed to sit back. They danced round dances, sang songs, and the girls preened themselves to turn their chosen one’s head. It was believed that if you find your soul mate on Yarilin’s day, then the marriage will be long and successful. If snow fell on March 1, mothers woke up their children in the morning and sent them to clean the paths from the house to the wells. People believed that this ritual would protect children from diseases and make them happy.

What not to do on March 1st

In Rus’, they were afraid of the god Yarila, they said that he had a severe temper. To anger the deity was to sign one’s own sentence. It was impossible to trample the snow, mix it with garbage and pour out dirty water, otherwise it would lead to disease and complete poverty. If on the first day of spring one swears and swears, then the violators will be punished in the form of serious illnesses. Cutting down trees was considered the worst thing that day. People believed that for this Yarilo would send all conceivable and inconceivable problems to the disobedient. If you count the small money on March 1, then three whole years will pass in poverty. Cutting your nails after sunset is a disaster. Everything that is sewn or knitted on this day will quickly become worthless and will not bring any joy.

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