March 1, 2023 – Yarilin Day: Traditions and signs

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On March 1, 2023, on the first day of spring according to the folk calendar, Yarilin Day is celebrated. Yarilo is the sun god of the ancient Slavs. On this day, until 1492, the New Year was celebrated in Rus’. According to the old style, the date falls on February 16. The BLiTZ learned about traditions and signs on March 1, 2023 on Yarilin Day.

Date History

The people called the beginning of March Yarilin days. Our ancestors considered Yarilo the main god, on which all living things that happen in nature depend. Until the end of the 15th century, it was believed that renewal began with the New Year. All living things are entering a new phase of life. And this concerned not only nature, but also the fertility of women.

Yarilo is a good god, whom they tried in every possible way to appease. His hearing was gratified by dedicating popular festivities and chants to him. In the old days, they believed that Yarilo protected people from troubles and misfortunes.

For the god Yarila, the spring holiday was not the only one of the year. The New Year also took place on July 1st. The day was called the Top of Summer. It was celebrated not with songs and dances, but with labor exploits – at that time there was haymaking, and people simply had no time.

Traditions on Yarilin Day

Our ancestors believed that from the first day of spring the earth begins to warm up, making it clear that it is time to start agricultural chores. Although it was too early to work in the field, there were many other things to do: prepare tools, check carts, see how much stock of seeds and hay remained.

On the first day of spring, a magnificent table was laid, on which there was always live beer and a large number of hearty meat dishes. This was done so that the whole next year would be rich, full and joyful.

Since Yarilo was also considered the god of fertility, pregnant women on this day tried to bask in the sun and gain strength to bear a child.

Signs on Yarilin Day

Midwives on March 1 drowned the midday snow. They washed themselves with melt water and washed their hands – in order to “become clean and accept the child.” In order to bring happiness and health to their children in the house, in Rus’ on the night of the first of March, if it snowed, mothers sent their children to place a path to the well and bridges on the pond or river. The day was judged by the weather. It was believed that if it is warm on the first day of spring, then this is not a reason for joy: “If from the first days spring is rampant, not shy, it will deceive, there is nothing to believe.”

name day

Name days on March 1 are celebrated by: Daniel, Eremey, Ilya, Makar, Pavel, Porfiry, Samuel and Julian.

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