Marginalized laborers, how can there be a lot of progress


Yogesh Kumar Goyal

World Labor Day is celebrated every year on 01 May. It is also called ‘May Day’ in many places. This day is in the name of that section of the society, on whose shoulders the progress of the world is in true sense. There is no doubt that the main burden of economic progress of any nation and fulfillment of national interests rests on the shoulders of this class. Even in the present machine age, their importance is no less. Underlining the importance of Labor Day and labor, Franklin D. Roosevelt had said that no business has the right to continue in a country that makes its workers work for wages less than what is necessary for survival. By living wages, he meant the wages necessary for living a respectable life.

It is also interesting to know on this day that since when and why is Labor Day celebrated internationally? Celebrating World Labor Day started on 01 May 1886 after some labor unions strike in America for not working more than eight hours. In fact, it was a time when it was common for workers to get hurt or die while working at the workplace. To prevent such accidents, to reduce the working hours and to have one day off in a week, the labor organizations raised their voices.

The strike started on 01 May 1886. Meetings began to be held daily at Hay Market Square in the city of Chicago. On 04 May 1886, the police was trying to disperse the crowd here. Then some unknown person threw the bomb. After this the police fired. Four laborers were killed in this. However, it had no effect on the American administration at that time. But later eight hours working time was fixed for the workers. Remembering the painful incidents of firing and death on laborers, World Labor Day started being celebrated from 01 May 1886. In the second meeting of the International General Assembly in Paris in 1889, remembering the French Revolution, a resolution was passed that it should be celebrated as ‘World Labor Day’. After this, 80 countries declared May 01 as a national holiday.

It is the working class, which, on the basis of its hard work, makes the nation’s progress cycle spin fast, but the working class, which considers work as worship, is still yearning for labor welfare facilities. On the occasion of May Day, big schemes are made for the interests of the laborers throughout the country. Alluring promises are made. After listening to them, it seems that there will be no problem left for them, but the very next day the laborers have to face the same situation again. Then the same has to be cursed to live a life full of exploitation, humiliation and humiliation and slavery. From time to time, fresh criteria are set for the laborers, but who has the time to implement them?

As far as the rights of laborers are concerned, sometimes they prove to be redundant. Often the owners of factories impose lockouts arbitrarily. Often the responsible officials remain blindfolded. The major reason is that the leaders of most of the trade unions have also become a part of the corrupt system. These people are seen making a lot of noise in the name of labor interests on various forums, but they are playing in the hands of the factory owners.

In such a situation, it is natural to raise the question that for whom is ‘Labor Day’ celebrated? Many laborers have this compulsion behind working even on this day that if they do not work even for a day, how will the stove be lit in their homes. Seven decades have passed since the independence of the country. Many labor laws are in existence. Despite this, there is no such system that can give the laborers a fair price for their labor.

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