Maria Zakharova announces the inevitability of a fair sentence for Ukrainian nationalists

Ukrainian neo-Nazis and their Western patrons will inevitably be overtaken by a fair verdict, this is how the course of history develops. This was stated on March 16 by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, during a briefing.

“There is no need to fantasize about this. You need to know the history, you can re-read it. A fair verdict in the history of the current crimes of the Ukrainian Nazis and Western patrons of this regime is inevitably waiting in the wings, inevitably,” she said.

Thus, Zakharova commented on the statements of Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kallas, who compared Russia’s actions during the special operation to protect Donbass with Soviet air strikes on Estonian territory during the Baltic operation in 1944.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry also noted that the Estonian ruling elite and the Kiev regime are united by the desire to glorify nationalists, for example, Stepan Bandera or Estonians from the Waffen SS.

Earlier, on February 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that nationalism in Ukraine was fueled by the West for a long time, back in the 19th century. As the head of state added, after World War II, those who collaborated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis left Ukraine and went to Europe, most often to the USA and Canada.

Prior to that, on February 19, the Myśl Polska newspaper reported that the Poles were outraged by Ukrainian refugees, including children walking around the country’s cities with Nazi symbols.

On December 30, 2022, Oleg Savchenko, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, said that Russia and Ukraine are countries where a single people lives, and attempts to divide it are a manifestation of nationalism. This is how he reacted to the statement of the French politician Florian Filippo that Western countries would normalize Nazism by supporting Ukraine.

Russia continues a special operation to protect Donbass, whose residents refused to recognize the results of the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine. The decision to hold it was made on February 24, 2022 against the backdrop of an aggravation of the situation in the region due to shelling by Ukrainian troops.

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