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February 28, 2023, 16:47 – BLiTZ – News

The hybrid war of the West against Russia can last even ten years, says Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Political Studies. The fact is that the main engines of the conflict are the United States, Great Britain, the countries of the European Union (EU) – more than fifty countries in total.

The losses of these states during the year of the conflict are not great, and so far there have been no threats to the security of these countries. Significant, writes Markov, are only economic expenses, but even they “do not undermine the economic situation.”

“Directly, military damage in no form touched the country of the West. Geopolitically, the US and the EU won, they consolidated and showed the world that they can even indirectly stop the second army of the world of a nuclear superpower,” Markov wrote in his Telegram channel.

The political scientist also specified that Russia is also capable of “continuing this war for a very long time.” The strength of the Russian Federation remains a people resistant to external aggression and a strong political and economic system.

The conflict will end only with a significant defeat of one of the parties: the confrontation will not end with the capture of a large city like Odessa, Dnieper or Kharkov by the Russian army. Such success will only create prerequisites. But the capture of three cities will be the reason for signing a peace treaty on the demilitarization of Ukraine.

“The defeat of the Russian army is also possible. But the result of the defeat will not be the capitulation of Russia, not a coup, but rather the mobilization of additional millions of people and the transformation of the country into a single military camp,” Markov concluded.

Earlier, Sergei Markov expressed the opinion that Oleg Tsarev could become an excellent president of Ukraine, thanks to his vast political and economic experience, love for Russia and Ukraine.

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