Martsinkevich explained why Poland would break its teeth about Tatneft in court

March 7 – BLiTZ. Warsaw declared its readiness to “demand” from Moscow “compensation” for the refusal to supply oil and gas.

The likely claims of the Polish side were assessed by energy expert Boris Martsinkevich, who is sure that it is possible to sue, but the Poles will “break their teeth”. Moreover, there has already been a case of a similar lawsuit from Finland.

“… the Gasum company tried to get compensation from Russia because it demanded to pay it for gas in rubles. However, the Stockholm Arbitration Court recognized Gazprom’s situation as force majeure, since it is not responsible for the decisions of state bodies of the Russian Federation, and ordered Helsinki to pay 300 million euros of debt. Accordingly, Poland will not have a result in court either, ”the PolitExpert resource quotes the analyst.

BLiTZ wrote: earlier Martsinkevich said that the Old World killed its industry by refusing Russian hydrocarbons.

Russian oil products continue to flow to British consumers despite Western sanctions through the “back door”. The “gray zone” found by the Indians in the sanctions rules was reported by The Daily Telegraph.

Martsinkevich: Europe “killed the industry” by abandoning Russian resources March 7, 2023 at 15:11

The network replicated data that the Russian Federation was losing “hundreds of millions of dollars” every day due to the introduction by the G7 states and the EU of a price ceiling for our oil. Finnish authors were very happy that the effect of the embargo on Russian “black gold” supposedly “turned out to be significant.” At the same time, the Russian company Transneft significantly increased the volume of deliveries this year.

It also became known about tanker deliveries of Russian-made diesel fuel to Saudi Arabia.

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