Mass drug administration program will start from August 10 to eradicate Filaria, campaign will run in these 9 districts


Ranchi: The Government of Jharkhand is committed to eradicate Lymphatic Filariasis (Elephant Foot). Mass drug administration program is being started by the state government from August 10 to August 25 in 9 filarial affected districts of Jharkhand (Hazaribagh, Chatra, Palamu, Latehar, Dumka, Godda, Seraikela, Jamtara and West Singhbhum) under the Filariasis Eradication Program Is. For the successful implementation of this programme, on Monday, under the chairmanship of State Program Officer (Vector Borne Disease Control Program) Dr. Virendra Kumar of the Department of Health, Medical Education and Family Welfare, the office bearers of these 9 districts were trained.

Dr. Virendra Kumar told the purpose of training

Dr. Virendra Kumar said that the purpose of this training is that all of you should ensure that during mass drug administration, anti-filarial medicines are not distributed, but medicines are consumed by the beneficiaries in front of trained health workers. Any kind of obstruction that may occur during the program in the area should be removed. He said that we all need to work with commitment for the early eradication of Filaria from the state. Ensure that anti-filarial drugs are consumed by all eligible beneficiaries during the program.

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Dose will be fed from house to house

Dr. Virendra Kumar told that in the mass drug administration program to be started in August, DEC and Albendazole will be given according to age to all people except children below 2 years of age, pregnant women and very seriously ill persons to get rid of filariasis. The prescribed dose will be fed free of cost in front of the door-to-door by trained health workers. In the districts where there is IDA, Ivermectin will also be given along with DEC and Albendazole. He also told that filarial infection occurring in any age group damages the lymphatic system and if it is not treated, it causes abnormal swelling in the body parts.

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Successful operation of 23,443 patients

People suffering from chronic diseases like hydrocele (swelling in the scrotum), lymphedema (swelling of the organs) due to filariasis often have to bear social discrimination, which also affects their livelihood and ability to work. Dr. Singh said that according to the data received till April 2023, there are about 54,172 patients of lymphedema (swelling of organs) and 40561 patients of hydrocele (swelling of the testicle) in the state, out of which 23,443 patients have been successfully operated. .

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Filariasis makes disabled and incapacitated

Dr. Abhishek Paul, State NTD Coordinator of World Health Organisation, while explaining the seriousness of lymphatic filariasis disease, emphasized on the need to work in mission mode with priority for its eradication and told that this disease makes people disabled and disabled. The program will be monitored and reviewed on a daily basis so that if any problem arises, it can be resolved immediately.

Media workshop will be held on August 8

Anuj Ghosh, representative of Global Health Strategies, said that in view of the important role of media associates, a media workshop will be organized in all the 9 districts on August 8 for sensitization of media associates, so that information can reach all the people. On this occasion, Project Concern International’s representative Mithilesh and Care organization’s representative Avinash also told about the cooperation being given by their organizations to the state government during the mass drug administration program.

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