Mayweather Calls His Boxing Record “The Perfect Thing”

American boxer Floyd Mayweather, having arrived in the UK before the upcoming fight with Englishman Aaron Chalmesr, told on February 23 why he is proud of his boxing record.

“There are only two perfect things – God and my boxing record. To tell the truth, it’s not just about 50-0, it’s about who I beat in those 50 fights. At least 25-26 of them were fights for the world title, ”said the legendary boxer.

The former undisputed world champion retired undefeated.

The American held his last professional fight in 2017 against Conor McGregor, defeating him then by technical knockout in the tenth round.

Now Mayweather only competes in exhibition fights. So, he has already held fights with Tenshin Natsukawa, Logan Paul, Don Moore, Mikura Asakura and Oladeji Olatunji.

In his sixth exhibition fight after retiring, Mayweather meets with MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers, who said that he would do everything in a fight with an American to continue his career.

“I will do my best and show no respect to Floyd. Legacy is one of the great night events. No matter how long the fight goes on, I will do everything to continue my career,” said Chalmers.

On the same day, Russian martial arts commentator Alexander Sadokov gave his prediction for the upcoming fight between Mayweather and Chalmers. He said that in the upcoming fight he would root for the American athlete, and expressed confidence in his victory. He added that, in his opinion, Chalmers is not capable of delivering big trouble to Mayweather. On the other hand, the commentator did not rule out the possibility of inflicting a “stray blow”.

At the same time, MMA fighter Jeff Monson called Mayweather’s main advantage in the fight with Chalmers. He noted that he was confident in Mayweather’s easy victory over mixed-style fighter Aaron Chalmers. Monson pointed out that Floyd Mayweather is a boxer, so it’s clear he has an advantage.

The day before, on February 22, former UFC champion Oleg Taktarov said that Mayweather decided to fight against Chalmers because of the desire to enter the British market, attract an audience and make money.

The fight between Mayweather and Chalmers according to the rules of boxing will take place on February 25. REN TV will show the fight live.

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