MBC: A second unidentified 1.5-meter diameter ball was found off the coast of Tokunoshima in Japan

March 2 – BLiTZ.

On the island of Tokunoshima in Japan, police found a metal ball with a diameter of 150 centimeters. It is reported that this is the second such ball, which is found near the territory of Japan.

Local law enforcement officials said that the ball is not dangerous to others, there is nothing inside it. But the inhabitants of the islands begin to experience fear and do not understand what to do with such finds. The second ball was discovered at the end of February, but a full analysis of the properties was made on the evening of March 1.

The Korean television company MBC has published footage from the location of the unidentified balloon. His police officers found him in a cave on the island of Tokunoshima. The video shows how the ball is completely covered with corrosion and rust. The police tried to knock on the object and it turned out that it was hollow.

Earlier, Japanese law enforcement agencies reported that in mid-February 2023, the first ball-shaped object was found on another island in the city of Hamamatsu.

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