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Media’s Crocodile Tears For Jews


Media’s Crocodile Tears For Jews

Valerie Sobel 

Remember Pittsburgh? Not the horrific events, but that river of faux tears from every leftist virtue-signaling media outlet that lasted about a week? Those loud proclamations of disdain for anti-Semitism and outrage at anyone they deem to be inciting the same?

Eleven Dead Jews gave cause for plenty of media focus and for one reason only. They were dead! These departed Jews of Pittsburgh conveniently served the one and only leftist media goal: fanning of identity politics in order to hang blame on the current President. In other words, eleven Jewish bodies provided ample cause for media spin and marketing of the same old never-Trump bias.

And let’s be real, at a rudimentary level, media’s crocodile tears for dead Jews always looks damn good on paper. The masses expect it. It’s in the playbook. It’s been prescribed ever since they learned of the name “Hitler” which goes hand in hand with the famous numerical value of 6,000,000.

And so it continues – this obsession with dead Jews as a base for compassion-signaling and empathy dissimulation. And we’ve been watching it for the last 70 years to the day, ever since the formation of Israel, in April of 1948. The world loves to cry over dead Jews, because a dead Jew is a good Jew. It’s the live ones they’re not so sure about.

Fast forward to November 12, 2018. Hundreds of Hamas rockets (approximately 350) shower Israel in a 24 hour period from Gaza. The cause? When has Hamas or Palestinian Authority ever needed cause to kill Jews? This is a routine occurrence, albeit this time with shock and awe. Some believe Hamas is rather agitated with a certain success of peace talks where Egypt serves as the intermediary between Israel and Palestinians. One thing Palestinian cause cannot afford is peace. The white dove of love would delegitimize their unsubstantiated land claims, put an end to their cause for toppling of Israel as a state, and force them to put down their arms. This would spell an overnight surrender of Iranian funded terror organization known as Hamas. This would end the money flow from the Mullahs. This would kill an entire culture that exists and feeds on one meal: elimination of Jews and Israel from the Middle East.

Pretty grim, to say the least, yet loudly expressed and backed up by 350 rockets in the last 24 hours. But, where are all the compassionate leftists? Where is the loyal media? All those liberals who cry over dead Jewish souls and frown upon Jew-hatred? Who cut out their tongues? Why the deafening silence?

Could it be because we don’t have a decent count of dead Jews yet? The live ones seem to be defending themselves by entering Gaza and taking out key Hamas militants while still breathing, so why concern ourselves with their plight, right?

350 Deadly rockets isn’t enough for BBC, CBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the rest of the virtue-signaling slough to express any concern for live Jews. Not until the body bags start piling. And we’re not even close.

BBC, this morning, resorted to all the usual moral equivalence: “exchange of fire”, “must show restraint on both sides”, “escalation on both sides”, etc., etc. That’s the best the British Brainwash Corporation can do. The best it has always done.

The media will be forever tight-lipped when live Jews walk this earth, in Israel or anywhere else. Forever silent when Jews defend themselves against pure unmitigated evil. Forever deaf when Jewish or Israeli lives are threatened. Forever turned the other way when Israel bleeds. Forever mute when Sarsours, Ellisons, Tlaibs, Omars, Waters, Mallorys, Gillums, Ocasio-Cortez’s are elected and represent the American Democrat and his/her liberal values. And “Never Again” is only remembered at the sight of Jewish coffins when it’s expedient to sensationalize it over the airways and in print.

“Never Again” simply means “Never again will we say nothing at the sight of dead Jews.” No more, no less. Popcorn is buttered and tissue is ready for that swelled up tear in the left eye the second the curtain is drawn for the premiere of Pittsburgh II. Cry me a river will commence just as soon as Jewish blood starts flowing. Again.

Valerie Sobel  is the Special Contributor of Blitz

Blitz’s Editorial Board is responsible for the stories published under this byline. This includes editorials, news stories, letters to the editor, and multimedia features on BLiTZ

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