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Mendi Safadi’s criminal activities exposed!


Mendi Safadi’s criminal activities exposed!

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

For years, Mendi N. Safadi, along with few of his accomplices, including Shipan Kumer Basu has been continuing serious criminal activities in India, Israel and the United States and making tons of money. One of their criminal activities is stealing photographs of various individuals from Facebook and websites and later using those into different types of crimes. Our investigative teams have already detected one of the many crimes of Mendi N. Safadi, where it was found, this man has been using photographs of various individuals of social repute and using those stolen photos with different names in his websites as well as other printed documents proving himself to be an important individual.

Here are just few evidences:

Our investigators have carefully scrutinized the website of World Hindu Struggle Committee, a website, which is run by Mendi N. Safadi and his top accomplice Shipan Kumer Basu. On this website’s Our Team page, Mendi N. Safadi is seen as a member of the “Honorable Advisory Board”. Mendi has used a picture in this section and named the person as Larisa Rudneva (Rasa). But in reality, this photograph is of Dolly Parton, one of the biggest stars of country music and one of the best selling recording artists of all time. Known as the Queen of Country Music, she has sold millions of records. She has been covered in the Forbes magazine by Dan Schawbel on November 29, 2012. Title of the article is – Dolly Parton: Her Personal Philosophy, Life Obstacles and Best Advice.


But, Mendi N. Safadi had no shame or fear in using Dolly Parton’s photograph in his website by changing her name. Similarly, Mendi has also used the photographs of few more individuals and changed their names. Below are the descriptions of people, who had been illegally used in Safadi’s website:

Frank Creyelman:

Frank Beno Mariano Creyelman is a Belgian politician, whose picture had been stolen by Mendi N. Safadi from Creyelman’s Facebook account and used in the website of World Hindu Struggle Committee’s Our Team page.


Jorg Sabolewshi:

In fact the photograph used here is of Jorg Sobolewski, a leader of AfD Party in Germany. When contacted by Blitz news desk, the office of Mr. Jorg Sobolewski expressed total surprise and dismay knowing Mendi N. Safadi and Shipan Kumer Basu are using his photograph in the website of World Hindu Struggle without his consent or knowledge. His office has categorically dismissed any connection between Jorg Sobolewski and Mendi Safadi or World Hindu Struggle Committee.

Irina Tsukerman:

Irina Tsukerman is a human rights and national security lawyer based in New York. She has written extensively about geopolitics, the Middle East, and US foreign policy for a number of American, Israeli, and international publications.


It is not yet clear if Irina Tsukerman has any connection with World Hindu Struggle Committee – a dubious and fraudulent website, run by Mendi N. Safadi and his cohorts.

David Ha’ivri:

According to Twitter, David Ha’ivri is an indigenous Jew. Strategist and public speaker. Salt of the land. Based in Shomron, the Heartland of Israel. Our team already has sent a mail to Mr. Ha’ivri notifying him of his photograph being used by Mendi N. Safadi in the fraudulent website.


Rachel Sharon:

Original name Rachel Sharon Chazak, who according to her profile, is a clinical nurse specialist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. When contacted she expressed total surprise knowing her photograph and name has been used in the fraudulent website of World Hindu Struggle Committee. It is understood; Mendi N. Safadi and Shipan Kumer Basu had been stealing photographs and details of various individuals from the social media and using those into criminal activities. On investigation it was also revealed, hundreds of Jewish individuals are in the Friend List of Shipan Kumer Basu in his Facebook account. Shipan has few more Facebook accounts.

Alexsander Shapiro Suliman:

According to Facebook account, Alexsander Shapiro Suliman had studied in the Tev Aviv University. He is the general director at Soyuz Cirkestrada Koncert in Moscow, Russia. A source in Moscow claims, Soyuz Cirkestrada Koncert is a part of Russian spy agency KGB.


Making money by fooling people:

We have collected the following information from the website of the so-called World Hindu Struggle Committee. It is anticipated that, after publication of this report, Mendi N. Safadi and Shipan Kumer Basu may delete the contents or change page link as they already had done several times ever since Blitz has been exposing their criminal activities.

In the Donate Us page of the World Hindu Struggle Committee website, it says:“World Hindu Struggle Committee is a Not For Profit Organization.


“We seeks your generous donations to help tortured Hindus on the planet.


World Hindu Struggle Committee is a global platform for Hindus to connect, share ideas, inspire one another, and impact the common good. We also work for Hindu rights and against Hindu torture all over the world. WHSC’s social work and conferences showcase how the values, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of the global Hindu community find expression in a variety of spheres, including economic, education, media, organizational, and political, as well as the unique leadership and contributions of Hindu women and youth.  Interactive sessions offer space to deliberate the challenges and opportunities facing Hindu communities across the globe and seek tangible solutions for the progress and prosperity of Hindus and the betterment of humanity and the world.

“You can donate via the below methods.”

Then there is the fake address of the organization and an email address, which most possibly is being operated by Mendi N. Safadi. Though it asks people to pay via PayPal and Credit Card – there actually are no such information.


Our correspondents have checked with the Indian and US authorities on the legitimacy of World Hindu Struggle Committee, and it were learnt, it has no registration in any of the countries. It is a matter of great surprise as to how the Indian authorities in particular are allowing this illegal entity in continuing activities by operating a dubious website.

Hezbollah-Hamas connections:

Both Mendi N. Safadi and Shipan Kumer Basu are maintaining connections with Hezbollah and Hamas for many years. They also are receiving monthly “lobbyist fees” from antisemitic and anti-Israel political party named Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) for promoting Aslam Chowdhury, a leader of the party as a human rights activist. Both of them have hundreds of Jewish friends in their Facebook accounts. But the most alarming fact is – Mendi and Shipan are regularly passing photographs and other details of the Jewish individuals to Hezbollah and Hamas in exchange of money. It is anticipated, these radical Islamic militancy groups might be using these photographs and details for some ulterior purpose.


Alerting our Jewish and pro-Israel readers:

To ensure your personal security, make sure you aren’t having Mendi N. Safadi, Shipan Kumer Basu and convener of Hezbollah Bangladesh, Kazi Azizul Huq in your friend list. By remaining in their friend list, you possibly are letting them the opportunity of stealing your photographs and other details from the Facebook and share the same with Hezbollah, Hamas and other antisemitic forces.

Hunt for Shipan Kumer Basu and his wife:

Our Delhi correspondent confirms, Indian authorities have already started hunting Shipan Kumer Basu and his wife Sabita Basu Biswas for their direct involvement in numerous forms of crimes under the collaboration of Mendi N. Safadi. Sabita Basu Biswas is shown as the director of World Hindu Struggle Committee.


Safadi and Shipan have been making frantic bids in involving Israel against Bangladesh. According to a report published in the Dhaka Tribune, Safadi was trying to broker relations between Israel and Bangladeshi Hindus. According to Safadi’s Facebook account, he is the head of Safadi Center – for International Diplomacy, Research and public relations.

Safadi’s another trick of extracting more money from Aslam Chowdhury:

In an article written by Sivan Gamliel, which was published in JOL blog, Mendi Safadi said, “A lawsuit is being filed against Sheikh Hasina at the International Criminal Court personally and against the radical elements of her government who have a hand in murdering, raping and abducting minorities.”


According to sources, Safadi conveyed a message to Aslam Chowdhury in Bangladesh prison asking US$ 250,000 as expenses for filing of the lawsuit with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Bangladeshi Prime Minister. As per his directives, Shipan Kumer Basu has also been pursuing several wealthy members of radical Islamic party named Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh to finance this bid.

It is clearly evident that Mendi N. Safadi has been falsely pretending to be a “leader of Likud Party” and someone who is connected to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; with the ulterior motive of fooling people. He has been presenting himself as an “influential” Jewish lobbyist in the United States having connections with various Jewish organizations including AIPAC.


Commenting on Mendi Safadi, one of his former associates and a member of another group named In Search of Roots said, “This man [Safadi] is a fraud while his key accomplice Shipan Kumer Basu is a criminal. They even have collected huge sum of money from the Hindus in India and Bangladesh by giving them false promises.”

It further said, “Shipan Kumer Basu proclaims himself to be a leader of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). But in reality, such claims also are false. In fact, Safadi found his best accomplice in Shipan in continuing his fraudulent activities. He [Safadi] is no human rights activist. He just is someone who is fooling people and making quick bucks.”

A screenshot from the Facebook post of Sabita Basu Biswas, wife of Shipan Kumer Basu:

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1 Comment

  1. Regina Elenor Fisher

    October 16, 2018 at 01:37

    Thank you to the Investigative team at Blitz for uncovering this devious scam! Social media is a great tool for connecting people and information around the world: unfortunately as this report shows us there are those who would take advantage of unsuspecting people for financial and political gain. A reminder to us all to be cautious when using social media. This report should be shared on social media to increase awareness not only for this particular deception, but also for potential fraudulent scams in the future.

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