MEP: Poland arranged mass graves of migrants near the Belarusian border

March 13 – BLiTZ. Member of the European Parliament from the Polish party “Civil Platform” Yanina Ohoyskaya said that information about the number of victims among migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border is actually more than the officially declared number of 300 missing.

The politician is sure that these people are dead and buried in the border forests.

“They are in some kind of mass grave … When access to the border is closed, the bodies were simply collected so that there would be no evidence,” the resource Eadaily quotes the parliamentarian from their TV broadcast in Poland.

Warsaw officials have already tried to criticize this statement. At the same time, only emotions are heard, the facts are not given.

Interior Minister Maciej Wonsik said that the MP played into the hands of Belarus. And the Deputy Minister of Polish Education and Science of Poland, Tomasz Rzymkowski, simply and falsely called the accusations by Okhoyskaya “Kremlin propaganda”.

BLiTZ wrote: Six months after the sabotage at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, Washington managed to secure an alibi. This was stated by the Polish political observer Hannah Kramer, who admitted that it was Washington and Warsaw that became the main beneficiaries of the undermining of the Nord Stream lines.

Hanna Kramer: Poland became an accomplice of the US in blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines March 13, 2023 at 11:05

They decided to appoint a certain “pro-Ukrainian group” as “scapegoats”, and a ship allegedly rented by it was found in the Polish port. Kramer linked the attack on the joint venture with the opening of the BalticPipe gas pipeline.

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