#MeToo is a planned PR Stunt by rejected so called Celebrities – Nandini Bhattacharji

Nandini Bhattacharji is now catching media’s attention in India and abroad for her committed movement for ensuring Rights of Men as well as Gender Neutral Law in India. On February 17, 2019 Forum for Social Justice & Development (FSJD), an Organization which is led by Nandini held ‘Genathon’, a Marathon in Kolkata city for the first time demanding Gender Neutral Law in India. Following this successful event, she accorded an exclusive interview to internationally acclaimed multi-award winning journalist and editor of Blitz, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. Here are the excerpts:

Blitz: Congratulations on the successful holding of ‘Genathan’. It is for the first time that such event took place in India?

Nandini:  Thanks. Yes the first edition of GENATHON was a thumping success. Around 300 runners participated in this mega event. we are planning to make “GENATHON 2020” a  more bigger event with a target of getting more than 1000 participants. This is one of the first marathon        held in this part of the country where the winners were awarded with real Gold / Silver /Bronze Medals. Also we got very positive support from our sponsors.

Blitz: A woman coming forward demanding rights of men. Isn’t very much rare in Indian society? What has inspired you in initiating this movement?

Nandini: Yes – It is very rare for an women to come and voice about ” MEN’s RIGHT ” – This is because of our mindset. I believe, most of the Feminist Organizations are Male Dominated – Is not that funny too!!!

My inspiration throughout my life is and always will be “Do Different Things Differently – To Make A Positive Impression In The Betterment Of The Society “.

Blitz: Are you getting positive response from the men in particular from other states in India?

Nandini: Yes. Myself as an individual and FSJD as an Organization is getting immense support from the Men in general. It is heartening that many women are also coming forward to join our movement.

Blitz: Do you enjoy support from other social activists and groups as well the politicians and policymakers in India in favour of your movement?

Nandini: Our endeavors are being hugely publicized by the media and other social organizations. Even few Feminist organizations are in touch with us so that they can get our help while encountering fake cases being framed against men. Though we are getting support from the Law makers and The Law keepers – The Politicians are doing a fence sitting job, perhaps they are afraid of losing their vote banks if they are vocal against women.

Blitz: It is perceived in the Western nations that societies in India are male-dominated. In that case, don’t you think, such movements may actually go against those repressed women in your society?

Nandini: The idea of Male domination by Westerners is a thing of the past. With the development of Technology, Communication, Health, Education and different Women Empowerment initiatives now women are almost at per with men in all walks of life. I do agree women being the weaker sex are still deprived and tortured but Men are also not spared. This will be apt to mention here that in our country around 98000 Men commit suicide due to matrimonial dispute whereas one third of the women folk do the same annually (Source: NCRB Data ).

Blitz: How do you see the #MeToo movement?

Nandini: #MeToo is a planned PR Stunt by rejected so called Celebrities ( All Females ) to be back in the lime light. If we do an in depth analysis all the #MeToo complains are more than 10 years old. My question to the complainants what forced them for 10 long years to raise their voices – was it fear or some other advantages being enjoyed by the so called complainants? If it was fear then what inspired them to become so fearless!!!

Blitz: In your campaign on the social media, you have shared a lots of media reports related to women taking wrong advantage of the #MeToo movement as well men being physically, sexually or otherwise abused by women. Don’t you think, those in the #MeToo movement may consider you as someone opposing to it?

Nandini: I strongly oppose any sorts of harassment be it sexual, mental, economical, social etc.

Blitz: Will you tell us about the mission of Forum for Social Justice & Development (FSJD) and its future projects?

Nandini: Our Mission is to establish Gender Neutral Law in India. We are working for it.

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