Mezhevich called Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine “Poland’s modest wishes”


March 15 – BLiTZ. Warsaw dreams of European domination. The maximum tasks in Poland are seen as a “victory” over Russia and the FRG.

But the Poles are ready for less ambitious goals. This was stated by Nikolai Mezhevich, Doctor of Economics, expert of the Valdai Discussion Club.

He called Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, and Ukraine more of “Poland’s humble wishes”.

“Polish politicians have always said that they do not need Nord Stream. What they interfere with Europe. But they confuse the word Europe and Poland. For Poland, Russian-German ties in the energy sector are indeed undesirable. When a Polish politician “rips his underwear” and shouts about energy cooperation between Russia and Germany, he worries about himself much more. This creates risks for Poland,” Mezhevich said.

According to him, both a strong Russia and a strong Germany create risks for Warsaw.

“Until recently, they were afraid to speak openly to the Germans, but they told us. The ideal variant of the Pole is a world in which there is no West, Germany, where the Atlantic begins. And instead of Russia, the Pacific Ocean begins. Island of Poland. They also have a more modest wish. This is Lithuania, part of Latvia with Daugavpils, Belarus, half of Ukraine. Well, Smolensk, Bryansk and Tver, if desired, ”the analyst stated.

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SM-News news agency wrote: the United States raised Poland as a powerful “hyena of Europe” in order to deprive the FRG of its sovereign status and leadership in Europe.

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