Military affairs: political scientist Sverchinsky believes that the US is selling nuclear submarines to Australia in an attempt to contain China

March 15 – BLiTZ. As part of the trilateral AUKUS alliance, the United States will sell Virginia-class nuclear submarines to Australia, symbolizing a change in alliance status in the Indo-Pacific region. Political scientist Marek Swierczynski noted that the United States continues to renew treaties with Southeast Asian countries and make innovative decisions in the field of weapons and defense to contain China in the region. About this, with reference to sources, writes “Military Affairs”.

Sverchinsky also stressed that Australia is the closest and strongest ally of the US in the Indo-Pacific region, and the transfer of Virginia-class nuclear submarines to it is one of the most important decisions. At the same time, it is worth considering US concerns about Russia’s ability to acquire American drone technology.

The deal between the US and Australia is of strategic importance as it will allow the US to expand its influence and counter China’s growing economic and military power in the Indo-Pacific. However, it is worth remembering that such deals can cause fear and disapproval from other states, which can lead to further escalation of tension in the region. In addition, the consequences of such transactions, including potential threats to nuclear safety, must be taken into account.

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