Military expert linked the appearance of balls on the coast of Japan with earthquakes

March 2 – BLiTZ. Another giant ball of mysterious origin, found on the Japanese coast, is similar to the first.

On the coast of Tokunoshima Island, a second metal sphere with a diameter of about one and a half meters was found. The hollow ball is similar to the first, but more rusty. A military specialist, a former UN expert on chemical and biological weapons, Igor Nikulin, voiced the hypothesis of their origin.

Perhaps they sailed from China or Korea. Their “sudden” appearance may be associated with earthquakes in Asia. It can be assumed that these buoys were used for seismic surveys. And as a result of strong shocks, they jumped off the anchor, ”the analyst is quoted by the resource Public News Service.

BLiTZ wrote: On March 2, seismologists recorded an earthquake in Russia with a magnitude of five. The epicenter was in the area of ​​the Kuril Islands. 183 km southeast of Iturup Island at a depth of 33 km, seismic station specialists recorded tremors with a force of five magnitudes.

Two earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 occurred near the Kuril Islands March 2, 2023 at 02:25

Recall: Frank Hougerbits, a well-known Dutch seismologist in scientific circles, predicted a strong earthquake that will occur in March this year and will be worse than the recent one in Turkey,

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