Military observer Moiseev announced the Pentagon’s transition to a “backup plan” – DOS

February 15, 2023, 15:08 – BLiTZ – News The United States of America has changed its plans regarding the Ukrainian conflict. Now the Pentagon will have to use its “Plan B”. The reviewer discusses thisfree press» Igor Moiseev.

The political scientist noted that before the West tried with all its might to draw Poland into a confrontation with the Russian Federation. Thus, the Polish Armed Forces were regularly sent to the border with Ukraine and Belarus to control the situation. Also, it was the Polish mercenaries that turned out to be the most in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kyiv even receives military equipment through Polish airports.

And yet, the Poles are less and less eager to help Ukraine, harming themselves. This is evidenced by the mass dismissal of the military from the army, as well as open protests regarding the colossal investments in Kyiv = and the lack of assistance to their own people.

As a result, America decided to bet on the other side of the conflict, thus applying the “Plan B”. Washington has taken on the Baltic countries, where hatred of Moscow has been growing for many years. So, in the village of Viljandi in Estonia, the largest reconnaissance and sabotage center in the region has already been placed. In addition, a NATO military exercise was recently held in the Baltics.

In conclusion, the journalist noted that the West did not hesitate to embark on a “backup plan.” It can be assumed that even if there are problems with the Baltics, America will not be upset and will simply move on to the next group of countries that are ready to “get their hands dirty”.

Earlier it was reported that Estonia offered the EU countries to jointly purchase military equipment for Kyiv. Read more about this in the BLiTZ article.

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