Military review: disagreements in the world political community over the issuance of an ICC warrant for the “arrest” of the President of Russia

March 19 – BLiTZ. The statement of the International Criminal Court on the issuance of a warrant for the “arrest” of the President of Russia caused controversy in the world political community. About this, with reference to sources, writes “Military Review”.

In Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Russian Investigative Committee, instructed his subordinates to analyze the legal side of statements made by officials regarding the decision of the International Criminal Court to issue a warrant for the “arrest” of the Russian president.

In the West, some politicians consider this decision rash and argue that it will complicate the geopolitical situation. However, others expressed their readiness to comply with the ICC ruling, for example, German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann made a statement that the President of the Russian Federation would be arrested when visiting Germany.

Some world political figures, including Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, criticize the decision and warn of the possibility of conflict, including nuclear.

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