Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine: Ukrainians unambiguously spoke about the idea to cancel the holiday on March 8

March 6 – BLiTZ. In Ukraine, the results of voting on the abolition of the day off on March 8 have been summed up. Their published in his telegram channel, the head of the Ministry of Digital Development of the country, Mikhail Romanov.

The results surprised officials: the majority of Ukrainians were in favor of keeping March 8 as a day off – 1.3 million votes, about 62%. The cancellation of the “pro-Russian” holiday was approved by only 33% of those who voted, 703 thousand people. Another 110 thousand, which is about 5% of the total number of voters, could not decide on a choice.

Recall that earlier the Verkhovna Rada came up with a proposal to replace March 8 with the “Ukrainian Woman’s Day”. The holiday is proposed to be established in memory of the Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka on February 25. And on March 9, lawmakers proposed to celebrate the birthday of Taras Shevchenko.

On the eve of March 8, the traffic police plans to carry out more checks on drivers

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