MK: Ankara is knocking money out of Moscow for the creation of a gas hub in Turkey

March 11 – BLiTZ. As reported “<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Moscow’s comsomolets</a>”, the commissioning of the Turkish gas hub seems to be delayed for a long time. Note that such a hub will allow Russia to circumvent European sanctions on gas exports.

Turkish President Chagry Erhan, a member of the Council for Security and Foreign Policy, said that Ankara would need Russian investment to complete the project. Obviously, we are talking about building the necessary infrastructure to increase the throughput of the hub, as well as to diversify the directions through which gas can be supplied to Europe.

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Apparently, before the terrible earthquake in the south-east of Turkey, Ankara itself was ready to finance the work. But now it has become almost impossible. This implies Moscow’s participation in the construction of gas infrastructure in Turkey.

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