MK: Artificial intelligence wins in close air combat with a human operator on drones in China

March 6 – BLiTZ. Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking more and more space in all areas of human activity. At times, he demonstrates amazing abilities that make you wonder what could happen if AI penetrates all areas of human activity. And sometimes fear overcomes if you imagine the possibilities that AI will be able to have in the next few years, since it is capable of self-learning. Here is another example of such a clever rivalry between AI and humans.

Chinese military engineers organized an air battle between fighter drones. In combat, one drone was controlled by a human, while the other was controlled by artificial intelligence. The AI ​​has shown unparalleled superiority in aerial combat at close range. The initiative at the beginning of the battle was with the human operator, but the AI ​​was able to carry out a deceptive maneuver and counterattack by waiting for the enemy to gain altitude. The operator tried various tactical tricks, but the initiative was on the side of the AI. As a result, Chinese scientists said that “artificial intelligence will soon become the king of the sky.”

Ukrainian troops receive tank bridgelayers from the US and Germany March 6, 2023 at 11:55

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