MK: Pridnestrovie was informed about the real situation with ammunition at a huge warehouse in Kolbasna

March 3 – BLiTZ. On the night of February 23-24 this year, Ukraine was preparing an attack on Transnistria on the anniversary of the start of a special military operation, but the plans were revealed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are stretched along the entire border of Transnistria, but in Kyiv they say that this is to repel a hypothetical threat from Russia.

Director of the Institute for Socio-Political Research and Regional Development Igor Shornikov insists that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had plans to provoke Russian peacekeepers in order to later accuse them of attacking Ukraine. This would give Moldova an excuse to send Ukrainian troops into the region without a resolution from the President of Moldova. However, Russia revealed these plans.

Warehouses with ammunition in the village of Kolbasna in Transnistria were another target of the UAF provocation. However, the weapons stored there are older than 30-35 years and are no longer suitable for use. Experts note that these ammunition cannot be fired and cannot be transported. Earlier, Sergei Shoigu proposed to Maya Sandu to implement the project of the enterprise for the disposal of these munitions. Unfortunately, the request was denied. But Kyiv will not be able to use these arsenals, as they can explode in this way.

Expert Klintsevich: the fall of the Pridnestrovian arsenal into the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine poses a real threat to Russia March 3, 2023 at 18:34

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