Mob attacked Subhaspa General Secretary in Kushinagar, tried to set Arvind Rajbhar’s car on fire


Lucknow, In Kushinagar (Omprakash Rajbhar’s party) there has been a fatal attack on Subhaspa General Secretary Arvind Rajbhar. While attacking the vehicle of Subhaspa General Secretary Arvind Rajbhar, the mob also tried to set it on fire. Somehow Arvind Rajbhar narrowly escaped in this attack. Subhaspa workers say that the crowd surrounded and attacked their vehicle with sticks and rods. With this, stones started being pelted. Arvind Rajbhar himself has given information by issuing a video statement of this incident. Arvind Rajbhar has called a village head of Kushinagar responsible. Arvind has also made many allegations against the police.

Lapse in the security of Subhaspa General Secretary Arvind Rajbhar

There has been a lapse in the security of Subhaspa General Secretary Arvind Rajbhar. Arvind Rajbhar was going to meet the victim’s family in Padrauna. According to Arvind Rajbhar, he did not get security even after informing the administration. Their vehicles have been damaged by throwing bricks and stones by the mob. He told the village head of Kushinagar district, Rajendra Yadav, responsible for the attack. Rajendra Yadav is also the main accused in a murder case. Arvind Rajbhar has also accused the local police.

Police administration stopped Hindu Mahasabha from holding press conference in Aligarh, sought support by issuing QR code

wrecked the front of the car

Arvind Rajbhar told that 250 to 300 people surrounded his car and were pelting stones. The front part of his car has also been broken. People with sticks in their hands were trying to stop them. With great difficulty, somehow managed to escape after saving his life. The Subhaspa general secretary has also taken a dig at the police regarding this incident. He said that information has been given to the police, since morning the police were being informed to go there, but due to the negligence of the local administration, such a big incident has come down.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvA2HgQ8HDM)

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