Moldovan authorities are fanning an idiotic intrigue against Serbia – DOS

February 14, 2023, 17:23 – BLiTZ – News Fans of the Serbian football club “Partizan” have become hostages of the Moldovan “geopolitics”.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that according to her “secret” information, under the guise of fans, saboteurs are flying to Chisinau, who, at the direction of Russia, will try to carry out a coup.

Official Belgrade was outraged by the position of the Moldovan authorities and asked for evidence, which, however, did not wait.

Who benefited from the version with Serbian pro-Russian saboteurs?

Stevan Gajich (Serbia), Doctor of Political Science, researcher at the Institute for European Studies and visiting professor at MGIMO, presented his own point of view on this issue:

These are absurd, and even, I will say more harshly, moronic comments. The Moldovan authorities are now making the worst copy of what President Milo Djukanovic did in Montenegro on election day in 2016. Then he came up with the “Russian coup d’état”. But Djukanovic’s “ideas” were ridiculed, including in the Western press.

Absurdity in Moldova already reaches some kind of cinematic grotesque level. People went to watch football, but they were detained at the border.

The point is that the society in Moldova is divided, the majority of people are against NATO and against the involvement of the country in the line of fire. Therefore, Maja Sandu’s company remembered the “precepts” of Djukanovic and also blamed the Serbs. The Moldovan authorities are trying to scare their own population, so these attempts may be repeated again.

An idiotic political intrigue that the current Moldovan authorities are trying to inflate.

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