Money: Vladimir Putin found a brilliant way to get around the West’s fuel embargo

March 5 – BLiTZ. The US is preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia. In response to the latest sanctions, the Russian government is actively looking for new ways and means to circumvent the sanctions. In this case, it is related to the supply of fuel.

Georgia Bonamoneta stressed that the Russian Federation continues to supply fuel to Europe. It makes good money on the supply despite the current sanctions.

Popular publications write that Vladimir Vladimirovich found a brilliant way. The President of Russia continues to sell oil products. In this case, the recent announcement of deliveries to Germany is given as an example. From Kazakhstan to Germany, a million tons of oil.

Olaf Scholz said that Germany has become independent of the supply of gas, oil and coal from Russia March 5, 2023 at 19:09

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