Monsoon 2023: In which part of the country will it rain more this year, IMD gave information about monsoon


Monsoon 2023: Scorching heat is prevailing in many states of the country. However, light rain in some states has made the weather pleasant. Meanwhile, people are waiting for the monsoon. So let us tell you what will be the condition of monsoon in the country this year. Actually, according to the information given by India Meteorological Department i.e. IMD, there will be normal monsoon throughout the season. The Meteorological Department said that the country is expected to receive less rainfall than normal in June.

D Shivanand Pai, head of IMD’s Environmental Monitoring and Research Center (EMRC), has shared information regarding the monsoon. He has said that except some areas of South Peninsular India, North-West India, Far North India and some areas of Northeast India, there is a possibility of less than normal rainfall in most parts of the country in June. There is a possibility of more rain than normal in Northeast India.

Beginning of El Nino

Talking to the media, D Shivanand Pai said that despite the onset of El Nino, the southwest monsoon is expected to be normal this season. He said that El Nino conditions arise due to the warming of the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Seasonal rainfall is likely to be normal in the Monsoon core zone comprising most of the rain-fed agriculture areas of the country. The Meteorological Department has estimated its long period average (LPA) to be 94 to 106 percent.

Know these things too

Monsoon is likely to start in Kerala on June 4.

Southwest monsoon is likely to remain normal in India from June to September.

– There is a forecast of less rain this year in northwestern India, while the forecast of more rain for peninsular India has been expressed by the department.

Will El Nino give a jolt to monsoon rains in Bihar? Know what information came from the Meteorological Department…

Know what is El Nino

A marine phenomenon occurring in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean has been given the name of El Nino. It is seen on the west coast of South America in the coastal waters of Ecuador and Peru countries at intervals of a few years. This incident is an upheaval in the ocean. Due to this, the temperature of the surface water of the sea becomes higher than normal. When the water on the surface of the sea starts heating up, its effect is seen that it obstructs the water below the sea to come up. One of the biggest effects of El Nino is that it changes the major areas of rain.

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