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More lovers of Princess Haya exposed


More lovers of Princess Haya exposed

A correspondent from Jordan

Half-sister of the Jordanian King Abdullah and sixth wife of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Muhammed Maktoum is already in media’s limelight for fleeing the United Arab Emirate with millions of dollars of dirty money. It is already known that the current lover of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein is an ex British soldier named Russell Flowers, who had served as the bodyguard of Haya. It was also reported in the media that, Princess Haya was having physical relations with Russell Flowers and had also been caught by Russell’s wife as well as other members of her security team and personal staffers. While most people are shocked knowing about this high-profile romance, Blitz already has exposed Haya’s romance with a Spanish horse-trainer, with who she has dated for years. But there are more about this most controversial Jordanian princess.

Haya-Bassel romance

According to our own correspondent in Jordan, during her younghood, Princess Haya started romancing with Bassel al-Assad was a Syrian engineer, colonel, and politician who was the eldest son of President of Syria Hafez al-Assad and the older brother of President Bashar al-Assad.

According to leaked United States diplomatic cables, Bassel also had a relationship with a Lebanese woman named Siham Asseily who later married Lebanese journalist and deputy Gebran Tueni.

On 21 January 1994, while he was driving his Mercedes at a high speed through the fog to Damascus International Airport for a flight to Germany in the early hours of the morning, Bassel collided with a motorway roundabout and, not wearing a seatbelt, died instantly. Hafez Makhlouf was with him and was hospitalized with injuries after the accident, and a chauffeur in the back seat was unhurt.

It was later learnt that King Hussein came to know about his daughter Princess Haya’s romantic relations with Bassel al-Assad. But the Sunni King Hussein could not endorse his daughter’s romance with a Shia Bassel al-Assad. Following the tragic and mysterious death of Bassel, many people had suspected the hands of Jordanian king behind the mysterious car accident.

Haya-Milad romance

In the nineties, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein started dating with Jordanian football player Milad Abbasi and as she got pregnant, Milad suddenly disappeared and has never been seen by anyone either in Jordan or elsewhere. It is highly anticipated that Milad Abbasi was a victim of state patronized forced disappearances.

Support for Princess Haya

While Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has been living in the luxurious Green Palace near Kensington Palace in London, her half brother King Abdullah, half brother Ali Bin Hussein and the Jordanian embassy in London are working in mobilizing the media as well as hiring few individuals for propaganda offensives against Sheikh Muhammed Maktoum and the members of the UAE royal family.

According to sources inside the Jordanian intelligence agency, Prince Ali, a drug addict and who has deeper relations with mega-terror outfit Hamas has reportedly asked the help from his Hamas “brethren” to stage some terrorist attacks in London if the United Kingdom will reject Princess Haya’s asylum petition and decide to send her back to Dubai.

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