More than 20 lakh copies of the Shiv Puran released by the PM were published, such is the translated text in Nepali


Lucknow. Lakhs of copies of the pictorial Shiva Purana and the translated Shiva Mahapurana released in Nepali language by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday have been published. It was informed by Gita Press that the pictorial Shiv Puran published on the occasion of centenary year closing ceremony is in two volumes. This complete book has two 225 pictures. There is a translation in Hindi with Sanskrit verses. Shiv Mahapuran has been translated into Nepali language by Dr. Kashinath. He had reached Gorakhpur from Kathmandu on this occasion. Gita Press has published more than 20 lakh 25 thousand copies of Shiv Puran so far.

Geeta Press is no less than a temple for crores of people

PM Modi releasing the book.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Geeta Press a lot. The Prime Minister said that Geeta Press is not just an institution. Rather, it is a living faith. It is no less than a temple for crores of people of the country. The PM said that when there is a crisis on religion and truth, then institutions like Geeta Press are born to revive human values ​​and ideals. Geeta Press is the only printing press in the world which is no less than a temple for crores of people. It has ‘Gita’ in its name as well as ‘Gita’ in its work. The 10th chapter of ‘Gita’ tells that God can appear in the form of any number of personalities.

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An organization like Geeta Press is reviving human values ​​and ideals

PM Modi said that sometimes a saint comes and shows a new direction to the society, and sometimes organizations like Geeta Press are born to revive human values ​​and ideals. We have done the work of changing the traditions of slavery with full confidence. Efforts have been made to give the country’s heritage and Indian ideas their proper place. Today the country is moving forward taking both ‘development and heritage’ together. On the one hand, India is making new records in digital technology, and at the same time, after centuries, the divine form of Baba Vishwanath Dham in Kashi has appeared in front of the country. Our dream of Ram temple in Ayodhya ji is going to be fulfilled after centuries.

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