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Most of Sheikh Maktoum’s ‘wives’ are unnoticed


Most of Sheikh Maktoum’s ‘wives’ are unnoticed

Anand Sharma

We might have heard of six or seven wives of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum, in reality, the fabulously wealthy man has slept with hundreds of girls and women, most of whom are his concubines. He not only is a cruel man, but he is also a notoriously desperate flesh hunter, who would spend any amount for hiring young girls from abroad – employ them inside the palace and finally turn them into his concubine. Each of his concubines would sleep with him for just a single night or several nights and remain happy with a handsome amount he would pay as “compensation”. He particularly loves virgin girls and would lavishly pay for the deflowering.

Looking into Sheikh Maktoum’s eyes, anyone can easily realize – he actually is no human being. He is a genuine beast who had no hesitation in getting two of his own daughters – Sheikha Shamsa and Sheikha Latifa murdered.

The most shocking revelation is – two of Sheikh Maktoum’s Filipina “concubines” got pregnant and they were sent back with lots of cash. None of them had gone for abortion and is now raising the children whose biological father is Maktoum.

According to an eye witness, the Dubai palaces are like high-security prisons, where female members live in extreme fear. Only Princess Haya has been an exception, who enjoyed total liberty and had the opportunity of doing anything that she wanted.

About Princess Haya the eye witness said, “She is mostly polite with everyone around. Not a short-tempered woman. She loves horse, sex and money. That is her passion. She would do anything for meeting her sexual urge – anything. It doesn’t really matter who the man is. She wants a wild horse in each of her men”.

Maktoum’s men looking for Marcus Essabri

One of the trustees of Gay Glos, Marcus Essabri has falsely claimed to be the relative of one of Sheikh Maktoum’s wives. British tabloid the Daily Mail has published a report claiming they have found a person named Marcus Essabri, who is a barber by profession and also a leader of an organization of gays – named ‘Gay Glos’.

Sir Ian McKellen is the patron of this organization while the trustees are Robin Agascar MBE, Marcus Essabri, Clive Stevens, Maggie Powell, and Ian Vesty. Its office is located at C/O 153 Bristol Road, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4PQ.

The Daily Mail in its reports said, “An Insider in Dubai’s royal family has broken his silence to tell how Sheikh Maktoum’s multi-million-pound divorce battle with his estranged wife Princess Haya in the British courts will expose secrets of the UAE ruler.

Sheikh Maktoum’s nephew Marcus Essabri says the divorce will show how his uncle has mistreated Princess Haya and his cousins Princess Latifa and Princess Shamsa.

“Speaking to Australia’s TV news show ’60 Minutes’, Essabri said: ‘The one person who knows the truth about what happened to my cousins Latifa and Shamsa is Princess Haya.

‘I hope that she uses the court case to tell the world how they have been treated. She has the opportunity to do some good for these poor women.’

Essabri told the British tabloid that his mother is the sister of one of six wives of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum and “demanded an update on the treatment of Princess Latifa who fled the kingdom last year, claiming she had been drugged, imprisoned and tortured.

Though Marcus Essabri has claimed his mother is the sister of one of six wives of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum, in reality, the claim Marcus has made is totally false. None of Maktoum’s six wives has any relative named Essabri. The fact is – it was David Haigh who lured and convinced Marcus Essabri in making the false claim.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Maktoum’s men are looking for Essabri.

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1 Comment

  1. Barbara Williams

    June 4, 2020 at 21:46

    Princess Haya is the most beautiful of the 6 wives. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Mautoum is a foolish man. Women will make or break a man. A man must decide his fate in his treatment of women. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Mautoum must release his daughters to safety and pray for forgiveness or everything he touches will turn to dust.

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