MS Dhoni did not go home without eating Golgoppa near Jaipal Singh Munda Stadium, his favorite was chicken chili


MS Dhoni 42nd Birthday: In childhood, have you also heard that Mahi drinks three to four liters of milk in a day. If yes, then we are going to tell you its reality today. Along with this, we will tell you that where he liked golgappas very much and whose hand he has not forgotten the chicken chili till date. In search of an answer to the question of what Mahi likes to eat, when we spoke to her childhood friend Anshuman Raj, he revealed many secrets. Let’s read everything…

Mahi used to drink 3 to 4 liters of milk?

According to Anshuman Raj, it is just a rumor that MS Dhoni drinks 3 to 4 liters of milk in a day. Yes, he used to be very careful about his health and took care of it. But in his childhood, when he used to come to practice at Jaipal Singh Munda Stadium, he did not go home with a balcony. Anshuman Raj told in the course of conversation that whenever Mahi and I used to go out after playing a match, there used to be a chaat stall just in front of the stadium where we used to eat golgappas everyday.

Anshuman’s sister was crying after listening to Dhoni’s answer

Also, while mentioning a story, Anshuman told that his only sister had once said that now Dhoni has become a big man, he must have forgotten him and expressed his desire to meet him. After this, when I met Dhoni, I told him all the things and he said to hang up the phone. The conversation started and Anshuman’s sister said that now you must have forgotten us, then Dhoni replied in such a way that the sister cried. Dhoni said, ‘Yes, I have forgotten, but I remember that I have a sister in Patna who always used to feed me chicken chili.’

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Likes to drink chocolate shake, milk shake

Also, Anshuman told that Dhoni is not very foodie, he likes to drink chocolate shake, milk shake, all this. Yes, earlier he was very fond of chicken, but now he eats country chicken, which does not have much spices and is beneficial for health. Anshuman mentioned many more stories related to Mahi and said that our chest swells with pride after seeing her success.

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