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Muslim jihadists used farm for terror training in Sri Lanka


Muslim jihadists used farm for terror training in Sri Lanka

Daniel Greenfield

The Muslim jihadists who murdered hundreds of Christians and innocent people from other faiths in Sri Lanka prepped for their murderous rampage on a farm with goats and chickens.

There are obvious similarities here to the terrorist training compound in New Mexico.

The objective is to find a place that’s out of the way where the Islamic activists can practice their skills and prepare for an attack. How many places like this exist across America?

Sri Lankan police on Sunday discovered a 10-acre camp in the eastern town of Kattankudy, where Islamist militants linked to the deadly Easter attacks are believed to have practiced shooting and bombmaking.

The walled terrain is nestled in a poor residential area on the outskirts of the home town of Zahran Hashim, who is believed to have been a key player in plotting the April 21 attacks. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the church and hotel bombings that killed more than 250 people.

The narrow, sandy plot is dotted with a cinderblock four-storey watchtower, as well as mango trees, a chicken coop and a goat shed.

“They wanted to show this place was normal. If someone comes to see, it looks like a farm. But what they were doing is terrorism,” said a senior police officer in the Batticaloa area, asking to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak to media.

And the police failed to act until it was too late.

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