Muslim side reaches Supreme Court against scientific survey of Shivling in Gyanvapi case, hearing on May 19


Varanasi: in Varanasi Knowledgeable The matter of scientific survey of Shivling found in the mosque premises has reached the Supreme Court. The Muslim side has challenged the High Court order, on which the Supreme Court will hear on May 19. The Muslim side has raised the issue of scientific investigation of the Shivling-like shape found in the Vajukhana of the Gyanvapi mosque complex in the Supreme Court. Hindu parties claim that the figure found in the mosque’s altar is a Shivling. Whereas, the Muslim side has been calling it a fountain.

Allahabad High Court has given order for scientific test

On the petition of Hindu parties, the Allahabad High Court has ordered a scientific investigation of the shape of Shivling found in Gyanvapi. The Muslim side reached the Supreme Court to register its objection on this. Accepting the petition of the Muslim parties, the Supreme Court fixed the date of May 19. The Muslim side appealed for an immediate hearing in the matter. In fact, after the order of the High Court, the Shivling-like figure has to be tested from Monday.

The matter of scientific testing hinges on the decision of the Supreme Court

The Muslim side sought permission to present its stand in the Supreme Court against its scientific test and questioned the order of the High Court. Now hearing in the Supreme Court is considered very important before the scientific trial starts on the orders of the High Court. The order of the Supreme Court will decide the next course of action in this case. If the Supreme Court gives an order agreeing with the Muslim side, then the matter of scientific testing can be postponed, while the trial can continue if the order of the High Court is upheld.

Scientific survey will be helpful in solving the Gyanvapi case, know every update of the case since 1991

Hindu symbols found in May 2022 survey

Actually, during the Advocate Commissioner survey of Gyanvapi campus conducted in May 2022, many things came to the fore. The controversy is deepening after the sighting of Hindu symbols in the Gyanvapi mosque and the alleged Shivling being found in the Vajukhana.

Hearing on the objection of Muslim side on ASI survey on May 22

Along with this, an important decision of the Varanasi court has also come on the ASI survey of Gyanvapi campus. Accepting the petition filed by the Hindu parties and advocate Vishnu Jain, the court has asked the Muslim side to file its objections in the matter by Friday. After the objection is filed by the Muslim side, the matter will be heard on May 22.

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