Muzaffarpur: Power cut increased the problem, heat during the day and electricity at night


Muzaffarpur: For the past one week, the heat is on the seventh sky. The situation is that there is silence on the roads during the day from 11 am to 4 pm. One, the heat is troubling throughout the day, and on top of that, as soon as the evening sets in, the lightning starts making us cry. There is a cut in the daily power allocation from SLDC Patna between 7 pm to 4 am. It is not known how many megawatts will be cut and for how long. The district has two super grids Motipur Mahwal and Mushari Dwarkanagar and two grids Ramdayalu and SKMCH. In the grid where there is a cut, the load reduction is informed directly on the phone. After this the power goes on rotation (load shedding). Sometimes 20, sometimes 30, sometimes 10 to 15 MW are cut. After late evening the load of electricity increases so much that the complaint of blown fuse of transformer increases a lot.

Consumers angry due to power cut

Here, in this scorching heat, the electricity of Motijheel, Station Road and surrounding areas was closed for more than four hours due to the work of Smart City. Consumers are angry that it is becoming difficult to stay at home even during the day due to shutdown of electricity for hours in this scorching heat. Sunday is a day off. If there is no electricity, the fun of the whole holiday gets ruined.

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Recharging more due to deferment charge

The problem of prepaid meter is increasing day by day. Consumers are recharging more amount in one go to reduce the deferment charge amount, but complaints of money getting stuck in it are increasing. The trapped money comes back but it takes 7 to 10 working days to reach it. Consumer Amit told that he recharged Rs 2,000 in one go and his money got stuck. After that he got recharged from a cyber cafe operator, only then he got recharged. There are a lot of complaints like this.

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