Nail uprooted, then neck broken, this dreadful death found in Gopalganj for protesting illegal relationship


Gopalganj. A case of murder of a young man has come to light for opposing an illegal relationship. In Kateya police station area of ​​Gopalganj, the police have recovered the dead body of the youth from the hospital. Wound marks were found at many places on the body of the deceased. The nails of the feet have been pulled out and the neck has been broken. It appeared that he had been mercilessly beaten to death. At present, the police have taken the dead body in their possession and sent it to Gopalganj Sadar Hospital for postmortem and have started investigating the matter. The deceased was identified as Dina Kumar, 27-year-old son of Surendra Prasad, a resident of Barki Maghiya village under Kateya police station area.

Suspicion of murder due to illegal relationship

Regarding the incident, it is said that Dina was the youngest of four brothers. After the death of elder brother Kamlesh, his wife Lakshmi, the mother of a girl child, married her middle brother-in-law Dinesh. Dinesh has a son and a daughter, but Dinesh also died. After which Lakshmi did not marry anyone again. Deceased Dina was married to Anshika, a resident of Sivwa village in UP, 2 years ago. It is alleged that Lakshmi, the mother of three children, was having an illegal relationship with her husband’s cousin, after knowing about which Dina protested.

people have doubts on my cousin

The relatives suspect that her cousin Ranjan Kumar is behind Dina’s murder. He is said to be absconding after the incident. According to the local media report, even ten days ago, Dina’s wife Anshika had caught her sister-in-law and Ranjan red-handed while talking on the phone. After listening to his wife, Dina protested against it. At that time, Ranjan even threatened to kill Dina. Today Dina’s body has been recovered. My cousin is absconding.

was missing since saturday

Sandeep Kumar, a relative of Dina, told that after the death of Dina’s mother a month back, Dina had entered into an agreement with Patidar. On Saturday, Dina Kumar went to do farming in the maize field, then the Patidars called him with them and took him somewhere, since then he disappeared. When he did not reach his home till late in the night, his search was started when he got a call from the hospital. When I went to the hospital, I saw Dina’s dead body lying there.

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