Narcologist warned about the danger of a new fun for teenagers

February 15, 2023, 18:32 – BLiTZ – News In Nizhny Novgorod in 2022, four children who were fond of sniffing (inhalation of gas vapors) died. Such data was published by Igor Norenkov, chairman of the ZSNO Committee on Economics. Narcologist Alexander Fedrovich told the BLiTZ why this type of addiction is dangerous and how teenagers are ruining themselves today.

Today’s children have found a new way to “go crazy” for themselves – now they buy canisters of gas that they inhale in stores. This hobby is called sniffing and causes dizziness and a feeling of euphoria, and with prolonged use causes death.

“The inhalation of vapors of volatile hydrocarbons has been known since the times of the USSR, there is nothing new and unique. Only then did they breathe glue, solvent, gasoline, and so on. The danger of gas consumption is multi-layered and consists in the early stages of dementia, and later – intoxication and death, ”said the narcologist.

The specialist added that there are no more “carried away” household chemicals and gas cartridges. But, in addition to sniffing, teenagers have other types of abuse that are harmful to health – steam generators, vapes, snus, and even energy drinks. All of them, with frequent use, turn into an addiction.

Thus, the use of vapes, even without nicotine-containing mixtures, leads to lung diseases and poor brain functioning. Glycerin, which is the basis of smoking mixtures, settles on the alveoli of the lungs and leads to their sticking together. “In 10 years we will be horrified,” the specialist complained.

Alexander Fedorovich was skeptical about all kinds of prohibitions – experience shows that they are not effective. We need a whole range of measures to counteract the involvement and spread of this deadly addiction. Moreover, the work should be carried out at the federal level.

Previously, experts called the danger of energy drinks for children.

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